Protect Your Home 
AND Reduce Your Insurance Rates 
Insurance discounts for hurricane protection are required by State Law.
Citizens Insurance requires verifiable hurricane protection for policy renewal. 

Remodeled homes are required to have verifiable 
wind protection. 

Average annual savings of 20% to 48% with an estimated average payback in 2.5 to 3.5 years. 

AstroFlex by Hurricane Fabric is half the cost 
of traditional shutters. 

Plywood does meet impact standards and does not qualify for full insurance discounts. 

Plywood does not offer adequate protection from windborne debris. 

Plywood has limited use due to deterioration, 
lack of durability and storage challenges.
Protect your home today with 
Hurricane Guardian by Fenetex
       smarter solution, is to hold off on
       the glass replacement and use
       Hurricane Guardian by Fenetex. 
With hurricanes getting more severe, many products like hurricane glass that simply meet the minimum protection standards undoubtedly need something in addition to them if a Category 3 hurricane or higher strikes. So, if a consumer is going to need Hurricane Guardian by Fenetex or something like it anyway to cover and protect these expensive windows - the smart money buys Hurricane Guardian by Fenetex 
and waits for the prices of hurricane glass to drop just like that flat screen TV. In fact, most hurricane glass windows cost about as much as a flat screen TV - would you leave that outside to receive an impact during a hurricane?
       urchasing hurricane glass today is
       similar to buying a flat screen
       television a little more than a decade ago - these TV's were new, very expensive but dropped dramatically in cost each year. Hurricane Guardian by Fenetex adds a much higher level of hurricane protection than hurricane glass, and helps protect this investment. You don't normally invest in a deprecia-ting asset do you? Or look at it like this, if you purchase hurricane glass you are financing the development of these windows. The smart money waits until they perfect them.
TEN YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY FOR HURRICANEGUARDIAN.COM SCREENS, Inc. warranties against defects in workmanship, under conditions of normal use for a period of one year from the date of installation without charge for replacement (includ-ing parts and labor) of items found defective during this period.
   This limited warranty specifically applies to products that prove defective in normal use and is void with regard to painted surfaces or any part or parts which have been subjected to abuse, neglect or accidental causes including, but not limited to fire, flood, acts of God, or war. 
   This warranty is the only warranty and replaces any other, whether expressed or implied. This warranty reserves the right to inspect and repair or replace any defective item that would be covered by its appointed agent.
     After the initial one year warranty period stated herein, there will be a charge for travel and labor on all inspection calls performed under this limited warranty. Services provided by unauthorized dealers may result in damage to your screens and void your warranties. further warranties the screens against any defects or malfunctions for an additional nine years. 
Limited Warranty Terms of Reimbursement
2nd year ............80%            3rd-4th year ......60%
4th-6th year.......40%            6th-10th year.....20%
   This warranty is specifically for the purchaser, but may be transferred to a new owner of the property one time by a notarized letter from the purchaser within 30 days to Hurricaneguardian .com, naming the new property owner as the new warranty holder. A $50.00 processing fee must accompany the letter. Failure to transfer the document will void the warranty.
       urricane glass or impact resistant
       glass is good for many reasons, but
       offering an extremely high level of hurricane protection is not one of them. Many people think that hurricane glass is the safest product an individual can purchase simply because the hurricane glass is so expensive. In reality, these windows meet only the minimum level of protection to be approved for use. They also sustain damage once impacted and need to be replaced. For this reason, many insurance companies don't cover the replacement value of these windows and just reimburse a customer for the replacement value of a regular window.
Since the United States and the entire world are in a new era of more severe storms and natural disasters, products that meet government minimums like the Miami Dade approved or Florida Building Code standards, just aren't good enough in our  professional opinion. I bet you 
did not know that the highly regarded Miami Dade large missile impact test is just a 2X4 at 35 MPH!!! We hold Hurricane Guardian by Fenetex to a higher standard and know that if the wind outside is blowing at 180 MPH, many objects that the wind picks up with be traveling faster than that.
The issue that has not been resolved since the innovation of hurricane impact windows are mainly water intrusion problems. A hurricane glass window allows almost as much water intrusion as a regular window. Water intrusion means insurance claim - and a little water means cash out of pocket for customers. 
Hurricane Guardian by Fenetex is also 
the only fabric that protects glass from breakage on impact on many opening sizes. Why have a $6,000.00 sliding glass impact door receive an impact and damage it? Protect your entire house with Hurricane Guardian by Fenetex. 
Some insurance companies don't cover the replacement value of the hurricane window, so if these get damaged they just reimburse an insured for what a regular window would cost. I bet your hurricane window salesman didn't mention that when you were thinking about writing that large check. Many insurance companies require a separate insurance policy just for the window.
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