Hurricane Guardian by Fenetex is shaking up the hurricane protection marketplace. You probably know that hurricane fabric is quickly displacing traditional hurricane shutters, and now  has emerged as the next generation of hurricane fabric. It combines a 
high-strength, high-tenacity nylon hybrid fabric with an ultra-durable, UV resistant resin coating. The result? Hurricane protection that is stronger, easier to own and more affordable.
The Next Generation of Hurricane Protection 
Hurricane Guardian by Fenetex
Become an 
Guardian by Fenetex
Hurricane Guardian by Fenetex is high-strength, high-tenacity nylon hybrid fabric coated with a UV resistant resin.  The result is a hurricane protection system that resists wind, water, and flying debris in excess of the Category 5 hurricane level. With a burst strength 
of well over 1,500 lbs., Hurricane Guardian by Fenetex easily outranks metal panels, roll downs, accordions, and any other hurricane fabrics made of a see through material.
Hurricane Guardian by Fenetex is a leap forward in hurricane protection screens because its burst strength enables it to stop impacts even while under a wind load. No other manufacturer’s system can stop impacts and large missiles when their hurricane screens are loaded with wind—especially on corner impacts.
Quick and Easy Deployment
Weighing only ounces per square yard, Hurricane Guardian by Fenetex is easy to deploy at storm time. It also folds up neatly into its own storage bags, taking up very little room in an attic, storage unit or garage. You will never have to wrestle heavy, sharp metal panels again! What’s best about Hurricane Guardian by Fenetex however is the fact that you don't have to look at your hurricane protection 365 days a year—we are there when you need us.  You care about the look of your residence, don’t detract from it with unsightly hurricane protection systems.
Flying Debris/
Projectile Deflection
Because of its flexible nature, it stops flying debris and projectiles better than any other form of hurricane protection. Solid hurricane shutters can fail when impacted, and in many cases they are damaged or misshapen enough that a new shutter must be purchased. Hurricane Guardian by Fenetex stops debris and will keep stopping it again and again to maintain the full envelope protection of your home.
Insurance Approved
These days, many insurance companies are requiring homeowners to install approved hurricane protection. This reduces claims to the insurance carrier and protects home-owners from storm damage. Hurricane Guardian by Fenetex is fully recognized and approved by major insurance companies such as Chubb, Citizens (Florida), Fireman’s Fund, and many others.
100% UV Resistant
Because of the resin coating, it is com-pletely UV resistant. That means you can leave it up for days, weeks, or even an entire hurricane season without risking damage from the sun.
With all of Hurricane Guardian by Fenetex advantages, you may think the price would be prohibitive. But, along with Hurricane Guardian by Fenetex superior product technology comes superior manufacturing technology that makes it affordable. Hurricane Guardian by Fenetex is a more expensive, stronger fabric than our competitors use, yet we can deliver it to our customers for less.
At only 11 ounces per square yard, Hurricane Guardian by Fenetex is lightweight and easy to manage. If you or your handyman has ever lifted metal panels or plywood, then you understand the importance of this feature. We have found that when a storm is coming, our Hurricane Guardian by Fenetex customers deploy their hurricane protection while many of their neighbors with traditional shutters do not. The neighbors with old-fashioned hurricane shutters would rather risk damage than deploy their hurricane protection! That says a lot.
Full Envelope Protection
During a hurricane, most catastrophic damage happens when a window or door 
is blown in, causing pressurization of the home. This pressurization can rip the roof right off of the building.  Prevention of this is known as “full envelope protection.” Hurricane Guardian by Fenetex provides 
full envelope protection by easily and effectively covering all vulnerable open-ings: windows, doors, garages, sliders, lanai openings and more. Even if the glass breaks, Hurricane Guardian by Fenetex still prevents pressurization by deflecting the wind.
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